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Guidelines for Submitting Successful Harvest Photos for Inclusion on The PGC Website

Migrating to our new website format the Game Commission has redesigned the look and feel of its Hunter/Trapper Scrapbooks to make it easier for us to post the user's photos while at the same time presenting a more consistent format. As a result, we are providing users guidelines to assist them formatting and submitting their successful harvest photos and information.

The above picture is an example of the new scrapbook entry details. We ask that users crop and resize their photos to 200 pixels wide by 225 pixels high. This can be done using free photo editing software normally included with your computer or available online (see Step-by-Step how to instructions). When cropping your photos, remember the focus should be on the individual and their harvest not the background scenery. Please select your submissions carefully. Your photo should present your trophy in a respectful way that won't offend other scrapbook visitors. Save your photo as a JPEG file. The Game Commission will make the final decision on whether submitted content is published.

Attach your properly sized (.jpg) photo to an email to and be sure to include in the subject line "Scrapbook Submission." In the body of the email please submit the following categories and associated information:

Name: (Name of person shown in the photo)

Hometown: (Hometown of the hunter or trapper)

Age: (Age of the hunter or trapper if "Mentored Youth" or under 17)

Harvest Date: (Date of the harvest)

Harvest Location: (Location of the harvest)

Sporting Arm Used: (Type of sporting arm used - optional)

Description: (Description of the harvest – number of points, weight, etc.) 15-word limit.

Significance: (Significance of this harvest – first buck, largest ever taken, etc.) 15-word limit.

Using "Microsoft Paint" program to Crop and Resize Images

THERE ARE MANY different programs you can use to crop and resize your photos many of which are easier and require fewer steps then using Microsoft Paint. These step-by-step instructions for Microsoft Paint are being supplied simply because, if you are using a Windows based computer it comes preinstalled with Microsoft Paint.

On Windows 7: Click 'Start' then type "Paint" into the 'Search' box, then click on the 'Paint' program that is shown in the results above the search box.

(Note: you can also right-click on your photo and select 'edit' from the pop-up menu to open photo using the default photo editing software. If the default is not Paint, the steps will be similar.)

Most photos we take with a digital camera will need to be resized to make them small enough to fit in the Game Commission's scrapbooks. The smaller size allows us to show more photos and decreases the web page load time—meaning the page will display faster with less wait for downloads.

  1. The first step is to open the original photo in Paint.

  2. Next, click on the "Select" Tool located on the Home Ribbon.

  3. Click and Drag the mouse to create a box from the upper-left to the lower-right portion of the area that you are interested in. In the Example below, I wanted to highlight the hunter with their harvest.

  4. Right-Click on the box and select 'Crop'.

  5. To resize the image select Resize from the Home Ribbon.

  6. In the Resize and Skew dialog box set the Horizontal and Vertical values to 200x225 pixels.

  7. To Save the image click the Paint button and select Save as JPEG picture.

  8. Give the new picture a name and location to store it


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